Artist Statement

My work is intertwined with experiences and places that create personal memories. In our time that is so fast paced, we rarely have a chance to reflect on our experiences—many of which will become faded memories. My work is a way for me to capture and record my personal experiences. The many layers within my work are personal photographs of places and snapshots of experiences. Each of these layers suggests a memory. As these memories build on top of each other they create a visual journal that maps through my experiences. This journal is abstract and complex in concept, but simple and objective in form and shape.

Each photograph I use I transform into a transparent image that forms into a completely different image once several layers of images are placed on top of each other. The images change from representational to abstract and become a canvas for painting and drawing, adding another layer of dimension to the work. Whether bright or muted, the colors in the photographs develop through the layers—giving new life as each layer is added.

When viewing my work, I hope the viewer will base their own interpretations from their personal experiences—creating a new memory and experience for themselves. I do not want to tell the viewer what they should see or to feel I am imposing my personal experiences on them. I want viewers to see the images within my work for themselves and hope they try to identify various forms based on their perceptions.

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